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Boarding & Kennel Care Services in Helena, MT

Caring for your Pets at Kanine Kondo for over 20 Years

Are you looking for a professional Pet Daycare, Pet Boarding, or Kennel service in your area? Are you leaving town for Business or Vacation? We know that finding a reliable, professional, and friendly pet boarding service is your top priority then.

At Kanine Kondo, we ensure that your Furry Friend or family pet will be given top priority each day you're gone. We understand that separating a pet from its owner is tough enough for both parties, so we use every trick in the book to make sure they love where they stay!

Available Services

  • Pet Boarding
  • Pet Daycare Services
  • Long-Term Pet Care

Reasons to Choose Kanine Kondo

The owners of Kanine Kondo have dedicated their services to both animals and their owners. With over 40 years of experience on Pet Medical Knowledge, Pet Grooming Skills, and Obedience Training, and animal behavior, our services are sure to wow both Owner and Pet alike.
Pamper your pet with:
  • Room Service
  • Cookie Breaks
  • Special Attention & Consideration
  • Frequent Potty Breaks
These are provided at no charge! That's not all though. Your pet also gets:
  • Premium Food Twice a Day (8:00am or 4:00pm)
  • No Charge for Special Diets & Feeding Schedules
  • and much, much more!
We understand the bond between an owner and a pet; that's why our staff is made up of animal lovers! Because of this, we understand the importance of your animals living stress-free in a clean and friendly environment.
Two Dogs Playing Tug of War - Kanine Kondo in Helena, MT
Additionally, we urge you to contact your local vet for information regarding your pet's needs during their time at a kennel. They have very important information regarding your pet's kennel and boarding needs.

Special Amenities

At Kanine Kondo, your dog will benefit from:
  • Indoor/Outdoor Runs
  • Music in all areas
  • Separate Cat Areas
  • Gravel Potty & Play Areas
  • Numerous Pet Toys Supplied
  • Pet Pickup & Delivery
  • Adventure Walks are Available
  • Heated & Air Conditioned Kennels
  • Bedding & Bowls Supplied
Additionally, because we know your pet will love Kanine Kondo so much, we offer them a chance to come back and play!

Daily Daycare Services

Our Daycare services include:
  • One on One time
  • Outdoor Play
  • Considerate Feeding
  • and Cookies!
Contact us today at Kanine Kondo and treat your special friend to a wonderful vacation while you handle your business, family, and other needs. You'll be given the satisfaction of pampering your pet at an affordable price with an accredited and considerate business.